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At Staffing Plus we understand that our clients have different needs thus we offer a range of specialised services to cater to these needs. Our passion is  delivering qualified, friendly, open minded and empathetic carers to  provide high-quality home care services.Staffing Plus welcomes privately funded clients as well as funding by either Individual budgets or Direct payments.




Domiciliary is care in your own home, one or more of our qualified carers and nurses will visit you for as long as needed to assist you with your daily living activities. It provides an excellent alternative to residential care. It means you wont have to leave your home or your loved one.


This option is great for individuals who want to stay in their own home and would require support whilst being able to maintain their privacy and their independence.  We will personalise your care depending on your needs, whether its needing someone 2-3 hours a day or someone on a 24hr basis Staffing Plus will ensure that the right qualified and caring individual will be by your side. No matter what your needs are or what your schedule is like, we will ensure our services cater to your needs.


To ensure that we provide you with the best possible service access to our domiciliary services will be subject to assessment and eligibility.This way we can assess your needs in full and be in a better position to tailor the service we will provide to you and how it will be delivered.


24-hr Live in Care

Supported Living

Specialist Care



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